Selena Gomez invites Gordon Ramsay on her HBO show and it’s drama!

Selena Gomez received a prestigious guest on her cooking show “Selena + Chef” broadcast on HBO Max. This is Gordon Ramsay!

Selena Gomez does not excel in cooking but thanks to her show Selena + Chef, she is getting better. With each episode, the star does her best to meet the culinary challenges that come her way. Except that this week, she faces a big name in the middle: Gordon Ramsay. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

His show Selena + Chef hits the mark

Launched in August 2020, the Selena + Chef cooking show now has four seasons of 10 episodes. And to animate this new show, Selena Gomez puts her hand in the dough. Indeed, she films herself at home cooking with a chef from a distance.

Thus, in each episode, Selena Gomez makes a new recipe accompanied by a professional. And as the star has her heart on her sleeve, with each broadcast $10,000 is donated to the association chosen by the chef.

For three seasons, the chefs have succeeded in the show of Selena Gomez. Everyone came to represent their charity. Thus, the show succeeded raised $400,000 for 26 nonprofits.

For the show’s fourth season, Selena Gomez opens the doors to her beach vacation home in Malibu. On this occasion, she even showed him around before the start of the new season. The decor then recalls the house of Hannah Montana.

Namely that the first three seasons took place in the Selena Gomez house in Los Angeles. But this time, it is in a new setting that she welcomes viewers.

In the new episode of Selena + Chefairing this Thursday on HBO Max, a famous chef will therefore make your head spin by Selena Gomez. And not in a good way! MCE TV tells you more!

Gordon Ramsay yells at Selena Gomez

Season 4 of Selena + Chef begins with an episode with a starred French chef. Just that ! It’s about by Ludo Lefebvre.

This last one is at the head of many restaurants, including two in Los Angeles. In fact, they both received the award for best restaurant in LA, awarded by the LA Weekly in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

For this first episode of season 4, Selena Gomez so cooked of sole, before making roasted pineapple with banana caramel sauce for dessert. Other people come on the show like Rachel Ray, Paola Velez, Adrienne Cheatham and Nick DiGiovanni.

Moreover, this week’s invitation in Selena + Chef is well known. This is Gordon Ramsay. In a video revealed by People, the chef appears distraught in the face of lost Selena Gomez in the ovens.

Indeed, in this episode, the star uses the wrong pan when cooking his ribeye steak. The host of Hell’s Kitchen sees the singer make the mistake and says to her: “Bad stove, this is my nonstick skillet for potatoes. »

What Selena Gomez quickly reacts to: “What is this mess? “. The interpreter of the remix of calm down makes a funny face at the scene that just happened. To make her laugh, Gordon Ramsay shouts out the window, facing the sea: “The next to enter! Next to come in, please! For the love of God, someone help me ! “.

And it is the general laughter assured. What better than a good joke to relax the atmosphere!

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