Selena Gomez is snubbed for her Emmy nomination

The actress is vying for an executive producer statuette for her series Only Murders In The Building, but hasn’t received any accolades.

The Serie Only Murders in the Building He has moved viewers and of course the critics with his particular style of comedy with a theme as dark as the murders. That’s why when we saw the title on the 2022 Emmy Awards nominations list, it came as no surprise at all.

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In addition to competing for best comedy, both Steve Martin What Martin Short seek the award as best actor best comedy actor. Even, Jane Lynch and Nathan Lance They are nominated for best actress and guest actor. Although many rejoiced when the name of Selena Gomez appeared among the categories, being the executive producer of this series.

However, it seems as if the actress was nobody, since she has not received congratulations from the United States Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, even though her co-stars have been flattered on multiple occasions by the same institution.

Some think that it is due to the image that she continues to carry as a “Disney girl”, especially with the role of Alex Russo that she played in the series Wizards of Waverly Place. In fact, Selena herself said that her character of Mabel of her in Only Murders in the Building is an adult version of Alex Russo. And it is that both characters share the characteristics of being sarcastic and quite cunning.

On Steve Martin we can say that this production is the former television star turned into a parody of herself, with a certain old glory too innocent for its own good, while Martin Short He embodies the histrionic artist who craves the spotlight, the lovable rogue who always schemes, the revolutionary playwright and the one who hides his sorrows under layers of optimism.

For its part, Selena It is the discordant note, the unfiltered millennial that imposes sanity, discretion and maturity in the group, so the interaction between the three actors is magnificent. Perhaps that is why her null nomination for best comedy actress left many thinking.

“We’re a little bummed out that Selena wasn’t nominated because she’s so pivotal to the trio, to the show. She balances us. In fact, in a way you can say that we have been nominated for the balance of her in the series. We are glad that she has been nominated as executive producer of the series. She is paramount to us.”

Steve Martin

So far Selena Gomez has not commented on this situation, but she sure feels quite proud of her nomination and of course that the series is in the first places of audience.


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