Selena Gomez offers an apology to Hailey Bieber fans

This week the name of Selena Gomez grabbed headlines and not because of his musical work. The singer became a victim of criticism, after earlier this week they shared a video on your networks of a silent tutorialof her skin care routine, a format very similar to the one used by her ex-boyfriend’s current wife, haley bieber. As expected, the comparisons immediately began to circulate, to the extent that the singer had to clarify that this clip was not intended to make fun of anyone.



After publishing this clip, Selena began to receive comments from beliebers who began to compare Gomez’s Tik Tok with those that Justin Bieber’s wife regularly does. It all started when Hailey shared a video of her with her skincare routine on this social network, something that is not new to her; However, hours later, coincidentally, Selena also posted a clip on the same social network in which she shared what products she uses for skin care, until then, it had not been misinterpreted, until Bieber fans They detected that Selena, in apparent mockery mode, made gestures very similar to Hailey’s.


At that time, Selena began to be criticized, some accused her of publicly bullying her ex-boyfriend’s wife. Faced with this wave of accusations, the singer made the decision to restrict interactions in the video and began to filter the comments. Finally, Gomez decided to offer a public apology, although she acknowledged that she was not clear what her mistake had been: “This is why I think you have to take the time to take care of your mental health. Guys, I have no idea what I did, but I’m really sorry. Zero bad intentions. I’ll delete it soon.”Selena wrote in the comments.

In this response, Selena made reference to the time she had taken away from social networks to stay away from this type of episodes of hatred by her ex’s fans, who on more than one occasion have pointed her out to make her uncomfortable. Current partner of the singer. As supportive as ever, the singer’s fans were in charge of leveling the situation by expressing their unconditional support and emphasizing that the singer had not made any mistakes, much less made fun of the material shared by Hailey, whom Selena did not mention at any time.


Your social media detox

Last April, Selena opened her heart during her participation in the Despierta América program and acknowledged that a social media detox had begun for a long time: “I haven’t been on the internet for four and a half years. It has completely changed my life, now I am happier and more present. I understand the power that networks have, but for me, the news that is really important, I get it through people in my life. We are constantly bombarded with stories about who we should be or what physique we should have. And when you don’t feel at your best, it’s easy to fall into comparisons.”

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