Selena Gomez once made it clear that she was completely pissed at Justin Bieber when she didn’t let him into her house

justin bieber has always been theembodiment of drama, especially during his teenage years and it has a lot to do with how he was almost always surrounded by paparazzi. Her relationship with Selena Gomez was a real talking point at the time and she made the rounds in tabloids and gossip magazines over the years. Here’s a throwback to when Justin and Sel allegedly had a nasty fight and it even ended up on the streets.

For the uninitiated, Selena and justin have a long history dating back to 2010, when they reportedly had their very first romantic date. They have had an on-and-off relationship since then and most Jelena fans thought they would have a happy ending. However, this was not the case since Justin ended up marrying Hailey Bieber and they are currently in a very happy space.

In 2012, Selena Gomez and justin bieber were considered to have one of the most fickle relationships, as they were often in a relationship. The couple reportedly had a fight at a Japanese restaurant called Yamato in California and things got ugly from there.

A source close to the development of US Weekly said: “They had just sat down and hadn’t ordered when they started fighting. Ten minutes later, they stormed off without speaking and she left in her car. Selena Gomez would have directly taken the way back and Justin Bieber would have stayed there, screaming and swearing.

After a while, justin bieber decided to go to her house but she wouldn’t let him in, causing him to shout her name outside her house. When he realized he was being filmed and photographed, he allegedly lost control once again, which made Selena Gomez even more furious.

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