Selena Gomez picks the best dresses of the summer, perfect for summer

On August 4, Selena Gomez shared some summer looks that are also perfect to inspire your wardrobe during the transition to fall, where they embraced the next hottest color trend. warm It’s from the season. When We Say Everyone Is Trading Barbie Pink for Tomato Red, We Mean It celebrities As Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski,

Although Gomez didn’t show off the full red dress, we definitely appreciate the pretty stripes she emphasized with a pretty black hair bow. However, this look may not have been what she was going for as she immediately changed it into a blue corset with a statuette neckline.

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On the other hand, she kept her makeup the same though she added a make-up Lipstick More dramatic and glittery gray eyeshadow.

Instagram: @SelenaGomez

We love her look!

in your second set, selena is so beautiful She paired the top with a denim maxi skirt, white heels and an ombre bag in yellow and red tones. Also, she wore some silver rings for the last OOTD. We love!

Instagram: @SelenaGomez

Maxi skirts are a must!

Although we are sure Selena Gomez She stayed home the night after going out to hang out in this outfit. Barely an hour after she shared her last look storiesPosted a video playing with the same hair bow oversized britney spears t-shirt, When someone asked her off-camera if she was “going somewhere else,” she replied, “I don’t think I’m going out tonight.”

Article originally published at Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Sanchez.

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