Selena Gomez posts a photo with platinum blonde hair

          Selena Gomez fans, it’s time to unite, because today is a big day. And yes, by ‘big’ I mean something even more shocking than the announcement of the documentary on her life, ‘My Mind & Me’ or that wonderful reply she gave to critics of her weight gain. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that we believe (key word here) that Selena Gomez has ditched her dark hair. to go platinum blonde. The singer and actress has caught us all by surprise by showing us said change of ‘look’ on Instagram, but (another keyword here) with a very mysterious message. Activate Sherlock Holmes mode.

          Recently, Sel has shared a series of ambiguous posts on social media, including images from some of his previous music videos. And now she has gone further with a brief message that says: “3”. While we’re not quite sure what this could mean (we’re open to any speculation and theory), what we do know for sure is that the person in the photo has the long platinum blonde hair and she shows off her dark roots.

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            Now, I have to admit, we can’t see the blonde girl’s face, so we can’t be sure it’s Selena. The actress and singer sported this exact hair color in 2021 and 2017. Will this be a simple ‘throwback’ or will she have shown off her iconic hair from that time again? Honestly, our hopes are pinned on the latter. We will be very attentive to any news from the artist…

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