Selena Gomez remembers her blonde days and thousands fall in love

The renowned singer Selena Gomez, has positioned himself in the world of celebrities due to his acting talent. However, her prodigious voice has made her worthy of millions of fans around the world who admire her for her gift on stage. So much so, that the artist adds around 405 million followers on his official Instagram accountsurpassing even other world-class artists such as Shakira and Rihanna.

Just as she is praised for her music career, the former Disney star is also has been the target of controversy due to the relationship he had with fellow singer Justin Bieber, since despite the fact that they ended their union a long time ago, their fans continue to attack the current partner of the Canadian, which is why the singer has had to intervene. Also, your health problems, your emotional stability and mental health There have been other topics that have given us something to talk about about the life of the artist, since in various publications she has intrigued her followers.

Selena Gomez falls in love with her fans with memories of her blonde days

Despite the future of the pop singer, she does not stop surprising her followers and this time she is going because of the publication of a photograph in which remember the time when the interpreter of “Love you like a love song” had blonde hair. There, the 30-year-old artist appears in a lilac and pink two-piece suit.

The publication made more than 20 million fans sigh, who admired the snapshot and left messages in the comments indicating the extraordinary beauty of the American with her blonde hair. Even the businesswoman paris hilton commented flame emoticons on the post, referencing how great the singer is.

Are there new projects coming from Selena Gomez

In addition to the various reactions caused by the impressive snapshot, the singer’s followers were also curious to know what the artist meant with the message she left, since everything seems to indicate that new things are coming for this 2023.

With this memory, Selena Gomez generated expectations in the entertainment world since the description that accompanied her image promises to bring new projects:

“Summer is coming. There are so many exciting things coming up.”

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