Selena Gomez represents us: let’s stop putting belly

Not so long ago Jamie Lee Curtis told in an Instagram post what any woman could reproduce in the first person. She was tired of sticking her guts out, something she had been doing since she was 11 years old, that is, since childhood. Because since we were little we are subjected to all kinds of information in which a static referent until assuming that this is the objective to be achieved. Nor do we question why this way and not otherwise. Why skinny, with a flat stomach, long legs, and a pert ass? Why take that distant reference if the women around us throughout our lives do not fit that model? Now Selena Gomez is done viral with a TikTok video who comes to continue the speech of the veteran actress of Halloween: why do you have to put gut?.

A few years ago, the young promise of Disney exploded against social networks. I made the decision to distance myself from using it and walked away from the Internet. tired of holding on degrading comments about her, most of them directed at her physical appearance, she stopped interacting on her profiles as she had been doing up until now. To this day, Selena Gomez has regained the momentum of her social platforms with a brutal awareness function. In April, she already gave us a clue about it with her body acceptance speech on TikTok about her diet: “I try to stay thin, but I just went to a Jack in the Box and bought four tacos, three spring rolls, some onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich. The truth is that I don’t care about my weight because people complain in any case,” explained the singer during a video posted on the same social network that ended up settling: “Step, I am perfect just the way I am”.

why poke gut?

Raising the flag of body positivity once again, Selena Gomez has recently shared a TikTok that we propose to adopt as a practical exercise. So, every time they ask you to stick your guts out, you can answer like her: “I’m not going to put a shit”. Be careful, because there are those who can describe the answer as disrespectful, but don’t you think it’s even more disrespectful that someone gives you that indication with all the judicious connotations that it hides on your physique? In the video, she puts a face (playing) to one of the voices that reproduce a dialogue where a friend asks another to hide her belly and when she receives the refusal that Selena Gomez interprets, the other asks “why?” like saying why not do what we’ve always done? The answer is as forceful as the first refusal: “because real stomachs are like that sometimesIs that clear to you?” The recording of just a few seconds shows Selena Gomez lying on the deck of a boat near the Italian coast where she spends a few days on vacation. “Vaca self” is the title of the clip where she appears dressed in a swimsuit printed blue that does not hide the love handle on his abdomen.

The video accumulates more than 18 million reproductions, thousands of likes and comments, mostly of thanks. The artist joins the current that advocates showing real bodies and not adapting the physiognomy to the culture of the image. An example that could well have the scope to convince her faithful that the aesthetic referent does not have to be normative. Perhaps that way future generations will be freed from the conviction that we have to put guts to “get out well” in a photo or to “show off” your body on the beach. The first step involves the conviction that these types of characteristics are not contemptible, having a love handle or being a little swollen is not a reason to be ashamed. There is no reason to stick your guts out, or put on something to disguise or hide it. Each body is a world, as wonderful one as the other. And if you need to change it, let it be for a healthy reason, not because it’s not pretty.

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