Selena Gomez reveals there won’t be any “sad songs” on her new album

Selena Gomez is immersed in the production of her new album, the first version of which she published a few weeks ago. single soon is a fresh pop ballad with 2000s flair and whose, genuinely upbeat, lyrics celebrate being single.

artists of 31 years He publishes his EP in Spanish in March 2021 revelationWhich did not get the expected reception. Since then, apart from various collaborations and the premiere of the song of his documentary my mind and me, Selena had pushed music into the background. Chain only murders in the building -Nominated for multiple Emmys, It took him a lot of time.

But his love for music has not changed. he has been working for a year now SG3, His new and unknown studio album. single soon this is the first preview And now we know there won’t be any sad songs in it. Confirmed.

In an interview for Z100New York, the artist admits that The album’s follow-through line sounds like his collaboration with Kygo.,

“I love a song that’s upbeat It’s not me, While the lyrics still have a lot of sensibility, this is one of the most energetic and fun songs I’ve ever heard. I think it’s a funny way to communicate”, he later confirmed. “There will be no sad songs.”

one of the most valuable songs of his careerlose you to love meThis is really a heartwarming song.

The record has been described as a “true pop album”.

He already dropped some clues about the album’s sound at an event with Variety magazine last December. He said that this is a record to celebrate and dance. “I’m so happy, and when you hear the music you will be so happy too, I promise”The artist expressed that this is a record for dance.

“I want everyone to feel good when they hear the new recording. And I just want it to be powerful, strong but also very happy,” he elaborated.

There are currently no forecast or confirmed dates for this new album, but there is no doubt that the many photos of him in the recording studio make it clear that the machinery for his next release is already underway.

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