Selena Gomez shares a photo and shows off her voluptuous attributes

The actress Selena Gomez last Friday at night shared a photo that ended up stealing the attention of his fans on a platform where he has more than 412 million followers.

The singer also decided to wear a fairly fresh and simple makeup before posing in front of the camera, while she decided to wear a white shirt that attracted the eyes of many, the way in which she took advantage of showing off the size of her voluptuous breasts. In addition, it seems that she is not wearing a bra, which drew more attention from netizens.

Through the camera’s social network, Internet users took the time to issue thousands of comments for the photo they were seeing on the actress’s profile, while for some it was difficult to finish concentratingbecause some focused on something other than his face.

In turn, the users of the platform took the opportunity to make reference to the possible romance that she would have with the singer Zaynand it is that for a few weeks they have been relating them romantically, although none to date has confirmed it.

Zayn baby please don’t open Instagram”, “I don’t know what question you asked but the answer is YES”, “I wasn’t ready to wake up to this”, Selenaaaaaa! Don’t play with my heart like that.”“Am I going crazy or this woman doesn’t look like Selena from a while ago”, “I’m obsessed with you”, “Zayn really enjoying life”, “Those are good things”, “You look absolutely impressive”, ” I can’t concentrate on your pretty face”, “It was never said that they would deserve you”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the Instagram post.

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