Selena Gomez shines with slim jeans and Prada track sole boots

This morning, Selena Gomez woke us all up with the forceful message he published in his stories of instagram. The singer tells him that hailey bieber contacted her to tell her that the model has received death threats, as well as hate messages, and closes by asking her already more than 400 million followers stop the bullying. In short, a text that makes his position clear about the amount of speculation and theories that have emerged on the internet in recent weeks about the relationship between the two celebrities.

One night before, the actress, Selena Gomez, left her hotel in New York calmly, where she is recording the episodes of the third season of Only Murders in The Building. And, a few hours after paralyzing the networks with her immaculate wedding dress, she is now giving style lessons with the slim jeans and the boots to keep an eye on, yes or yes, for this 2023,

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How to wear slim jeans with track sole boots according to Selena Gomez?

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The star proved that a perfect look for a casual date It is made up of the most basic pieces of the wardrobe. Away from high-heeled sandals and mini-dresses, Selena Gomez has found the style formula in the track sole boots and ankle boots which he usually wears with comfortable pants. For the occasion, she wore the model Prada Monolithunmistakable boots for their imposing notched sole with platform.

To accompany the outfit, he wore some slim jeans in black and I create a monochrome look with a basic matching t-shirt and oversized jacket also from the Italian fashion firm of Miuccia Prada. As for makeup and hairstyle, the businesswoman opted for a simple ponytail option and a natural complexion with a bit of lip gloss, peach blush and subtle shadows.

That is how Selena Gomez It shows that his style is versatile and that he adapts to everyday life situations. Where it is totally valid to carry a pair of comfortable jeans and boots to go out to dinner on a date that is not too formal.

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