Selena Gómez silences criticism about her weight: “I’m perfect”



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      That’s how Selena is said! Allow us that colloquialism with the singer and businesswoman because, really, she has returned to the networks in style. Especially to TikTok where beyond sharing dances or some ideas on how to combine some clothes, she has also wanted to launch and educate users with a most colloquial message that, after a few hours, It has gone completely viral. The reason? His ultra-empowering message that he has launched, from the comfort of his home, about his physicality.

      An comment addressed to all those who are quick to point out and comment on her or another perfect person’s constant ups and downs. Hey! Listen well, because as she herself says: “I don’t care about my weight, because people are going to complain about it anyway, if I’m too thin or if I’m fatter… I’m perfect the way I am.”


      A message that adds to the many others that the artists have been sharing criticizing and seeking to end the body shaming. Like, for example, the message that Billie Eilish sent weeks ago, to those who pointed out her weight gain, seeking to normalize real bodies or Beatriz Luengo who denounced having suffered this barrage of criticism after passing through the American version of TCMS.

      And how good this message feels not only from a famous face, but from Selena Gómez who a few months ago left social networks because they were affecting and undermining their self-esteem and your mental health. Not only because of the self-process of comparing her body with that of others – which, let’s be honest, we’ve all done at some point – but also because of the wave of hurtful comments from anonymous people who criticized or commented on her weight or her physique. As they say: the comparisons are odious and, also, much more unnecessary if they have not asked you for an opinion. Even more so when, as in the case of Selena Gómez, that weight fluctuation is linked to the disease she suffers from.

      Selena Gomez and her battle for mental health

      It is not the first time that the artist has positioned herself on how harmful or toxic social networks can be, affecting people’s mental health. In fact, at 29 years old and after battling numerous illnesses, the artist decided to get on the microphone and speak openly about mental health by launching WonderMind, a platform that was born with the aim of offering support and solutions to people who are going through a difficult time or of mental struggle and that, as she herself pointed out: “it is an ecosystem of mental exercise”.

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