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No one can doubt the popularity of Selena Gomez, singer, actress and model of luxurious international brands. In fact, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend recently released her biographical documentary called “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me”where he talks about your mental health problems and details never revealed.

The career of the Texas-born has always been a roller coaster, because in addition to starring in films and animated series at Disney with total histrionics and producing songs and musical hits, she also spent several months without releasing records or albums of the pop genre.

Selena Gomez performed hits like "calm down" Y "My Mind & Me" (Photo: Getty)

Selena Gomez performed hits like “Calm Down” and “My Mind & Me” (Photo: Getty)

Of course, what the interpreter of “Love Will Remember” has not been able to escape is conspiracy theories, because now it is rumored that Selena was kidnapped and even impersonated. Whateeeeeeeee? Well, here in trome We tell you everything in detail.


To know the beginning of this theory in which the 30-year-old singer is the protagonist, we have to go back to the Twitter profile of @bluemingflor, who took the time to create an extensive thread where she added that the famous woman was imprisoned and, so fleeting, supplanted by a young girl.

His hypothesis is that it all started in 2018, because that year selena He began to attend a church known as Hillsong, which he went to after recovering from Lupus.

Selena Gomez and her friends began to hang out after leaving the church (Photo: Selena Gomez / Instagram)

Selena Gomez and her friends began to hang out after leaving the church (Photo: Selena Gomez / Instagram)

After stopping attending, she continued to associate with people whom she managed to meet at the religious center, being Ashley Cook, Caroline Franklin and Raquelle Stevens her inseparable friends.

However, the theory does not end there. It turns out that the user pointed out that her friends began to control her after ceasing to belong to the Hillsong community and began this manipulation through her social networks, in addition to earning money at the expense of the singer’s fame.

“”Her friends” are key members of Hillsong, disassociating herself with the church was basically disassociating herself with them, and that was not something they could allow. They literally live thanks to Selena, trips, clothes, house, car, everything they have is thanks to her “said the netizen.

He also added that Interscope, the music label with which Selena works, is involved with the religious entity and they even assigned people to monitor and accompany the actress for most of the time.


The best was yet to come, as the user adds that Selena was completely replaced by a young woman with gestures, features and features very similar to her in every sense of the word.

“Anyway, Selena is holed up in her Studio City home under orders from Ashley Cook, Raquelle Stevens, Connar and Caroline Franklin, who in turn work for Hillsong and Interscope Records. They exploit Selena and her image. The model, actress, clone, WHATEVER, is called Ashley Kane and is another puppet of theirs, used to keep Selena from disappearing from the public eye. Of all the money that is earned under the name of Selena, very little reaches her.he added.

Immediately, the hypothesis of this communicator managed to capture thousands of likes and comments that began to be replicated on TikTok and Instagram. Is this theory true or is it another of the many conspiracies carried out by his fans?


In the year 2017, Selena Gomez He caused alarms to the entire world by confessing that he had to undergo kidney transplant surgery as a result of the lupus he suffers from. Thus, through social networks, he revealed that the actress Francia Raísa was her organ donor and was very grateful to her.

A few years later, in 2022, the artist has released her documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me” (“Selena Gomez: my mind and me”) on the Apple TV + platform. Thus, a comment that she made in a famous magazine while promoting her feature film has been the subject of controversy. Apparently, this would have been taken badly by France. Do you want to know what exactly happened? Read them THEN.

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