Selena Gomez turns her look at the Golden Globes 2023 into the most necessary of the night

Selena Gomez arrived on the red carpet the 2023 Golden Globes like a beam of light, like a breath of fresh air, wrapped in a Valentino couture dress. A high ponytail and a makeup in shades nakedof inspiration barbiecore and starring his own firm rare beautybrought naturalness to a look that delved into the dramatic accent of the silhouette.

The outline of Valentino’s dress, with an opening in the skirt and a deep incision in the neckline On her word of honor, she reveled in the draped fall of plum-colored velvet whose outlines shimmered iridescent in the spotlight. But the essential detail of the dress has been the sleeves, off-the-shoulders and bulky, to finish adding a special value to the look.

Gomez has opted for a voluptuous look that highlights the natural curves of her body and, somehow, her intention to make them is perceived protagonists of styling. Nothing casual when it comes to the star of Only murders in the buildingwhose discourse and work from the field of beauty has long been focused on the fight against regulations. A good example of this is the content that is posted on the social network TikTokwhere through sincerity and sense of humor conveys a very important message in our time.

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The importance of this speech lies in the role of the stars of the small and big screen to act as positive role model against coercive beauty standards which are the germ of serious eating disorders. Gomez uses her massive social media influence to create positive change In this sense, in a context in which there are more and more voices warning against the return of heroine chic and of the most accentuated thinness as an ideal of beauty on catwalks and public references. It is the case of Kardashian sisterswho have embarked on notorious extreme diets and have surgically removed their fat implants to fit this new-old beauty canon.

The Golden Globes gala, which had set itself the goal in 2023 to act as a positive speaker in terms of diversity, has reported on its red carpet this transformation of the ideal of feminine beauty. That is why Selena Gomez, one of the still few celebrities of Latin origin to attend the gala, something that she did accompanied by her little sister, as usual, has acted as exception and countermodel only through his presence and his fabulous Valentino look. A small, aesthetic gesture that could pass for irrelevant, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact among the community of young girls who admire her.

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