Selena Gomez unveils her “make up no make up” routine

Temperatures are rising visibly and with them, a desire for ultra-natural make-up to beat the heat with great freshness. What could be better than a make up no make up to face them? This make-up trend, which was born several years ago, is still as topical as ever. For those who have never faced this trend, the principle is simple: give the illusion of natural, awakened skin, without make-up, while using… Make-up! A technique that could be compared to magic, and that only the most knowledgeable handle with dexterity. And the one who is doing the best is Selena Gomez.
The singer and creator of “Rare Beauty” cosmetics is a true professional in the art of sublimating herself with ease. In a Youtube video posted on the account of her brand, the young woman shows us how to achieve this natural makeup in a few seconds. Make up lesson offered by Madame Selena Gomez, please.

How to reproduce Selena Gomez’s “make up no make up”?

In this video, Selena Gomez takes the opportunity to make us discover or rediscover the flagship products, but also the novelties, of her brand “Rare Beauty”.

Step 1 : applying a base. Like any good beauty addict, the singer begins by applying a base. She uses Rare Beauty’s Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer. “What I love about this primer is that sometimes I can just get away with wearing it and it gives me that fresh, dewy look. When you use it with foundation, I like the little dewy, shiny effect it gives under makeup. »

2nd step : good lip hydration. It is essential to moisturize her lips before applying anything to her. The young woman uses the pink balm “With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm” from Rare Beauty.

Step 3: the preparation of the complexion. To even out her complexion, Selena Gomez opts for the “Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen” from Rare Beauty. A tinted cream that allows it both to deeply moisturize its skin, to unify its complexion, but above all to provide a protective barrier thanks to its enrichment in SPF. The singer applies it by hand, but explains that it’s totally possible to use a foundation brush.

Step 4: we correct the small defects. Sometimes using a tinted cream is not enough to erase the small defects of our skin. The singer uses the “liquid touch” concealer to hide her dark circles and other small imperfections that she wishes to conceal.

Step 5: blush in the cheeks. For a guaranteed healthy glow, nothing better than a little blush on the cheeks. The star uses the “Stay Vulnerable” blending blush in Nearly pink. She applies it in small touches, because it is “ultra pigmented”.

Step 6:we open the eyes with a little mascara. Selena Gomez uses the “Perfect Strokes universal”, a mascara that gives the illusion of wearing false eyelashes with a lot more naturalness.

Step 7: a bit of gloss. The gloss, in addition to being ultra trendy, gives a much more natural look than a lipstick, and perfectly catches the light for a plump lip effect that is simply perfect. She bets on the gloss lip balm “Stay Vulnerable”.

Step 8: a final boost of freshness with the “Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Mist” product which is a moisturizing mist, perfect to use at the end of a make-up application to bring an extra glow to our skin.

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