Selena Gomez unveils the heartbreaking trailer of her documentary

It was on September 20 that the singer, producer and actress, Selena Gomez, shared the heartbreaking trailer for her very first documentary which will be available next November.

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Entitled My Mind and Me (my conscience and me), Selena Gomez promises several moments of vulnerability exposing at the same time his personal life in which the disease takes a fairly large place.

Indeed, living with the disease of lupus since 2013, the singer has taken several major difficult steps through the years. Remember that she also had to receive a kidney transplant which had been kindly given to her by one of her best childhood friends.

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In the documentary, we will have the chance to see how Selena Gomez deals with the intense effect of stardom which has been excessively present in her life since her early childhood and also, what impact it has on the 30-year-old woman she has become today. today.

My Mind and Me will be available on AppleTV+ from November 4th.

See the trailer below.

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