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    One of the aspects that attracts the most attention every time we see Selena Gomez is the state of her skin. Your dermis, always hydrated and luminousarouses curiosity -and some envy- to know how the singer manages to always have it in such an optimal state.

    It is no secret to anyone that the artist is a fan of cosmetics, in fact for a few years she has launched her own makeup brand on the market. But this is not an obstacle for her to continue testing products from other firms. And most importantly, it seems that she is not guided by the price, nor by the establishment where you can go to buy them, but for the active ingredients that each product incorporates.

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    This is a very wise decision, since it is these components that will determine the effectiveness of the product on the skin of each one. One of Selena’s chosen assets that are garnering more praise from experts is neuglucosamine, a term that little by little is beginning to be heard in the beauty media. This active ingredient is an amino sugar that helps activate the skin’s natural renewal process to achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion. Thus, it becomes the perfect ally in the fight against the factors that turn off our skin: pollution, sleep or stress.

    Bright Boost Illuminating Serum



    The singer shows on her Tiktok account that she has incorporated this ingredient through Neutrogena’s Bright Boost illuminating serum. “Super affordable and it works,” she writes alongside the posted video as she applies it to her face and neck. This product, thanks to its high concentration in the aforementioned active ingredient, helps prevent the signs of aging exfoliating the superficial layer of the dermis and letting it appear even and shine with a luminosity that emanates from within. From the firm itself they point out that by applying it once a day before the moisturizer, results can be seen in just one week.

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    It is a product that is having a very good reception and criticism among users, especially in terms of the results to attenuate the spots: “I tried it and now I can’t imagine life without it! I love how it makes my face feel and it really brightens my skin,” reveals one of the serum users.

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    In addition to this product, in the clip, the singer shows the rest of her routine, made up of pharmacy references. Apply an aloe vera mask, from the fine Urban Hydration, the hydrating cleanser Hydro Boostfrom Neutrogena, the toner Purete Thermaleof Vichy and the Resveratrol-Lift Eyefrom Caudalie.

    It is a simple routine that Selena Gomez carries out daily and judging by the results, it works for her. And it is that as dermatologists say, the best skin routine is the one that is carried out consistently, only then will we see results.

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