Selena Gomez wears blue acrylic nails that are perfect for going to the office

Selena Gomez we have fallen in love when using the blue acrylic nails that are perfect for going to the office, so take inspiration from her proposal to model it for the next few weeks. Remember that there are colors that are worth using at least once to be the center of attention.

When we imagined that nail polishes in neutral colors would conquer the street style we recently discovered that there are options with greater personality that they can give us a much more sensual image, the good news is that the beautiful actress proves what well you’ll see with this idea.

Selena Gomez uses the blue nails that DO rejuvenate the hands

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of ‘Dance with me’ modeled a nail art that has made us fall in love and is that on this occasion he chose nails covered by nail polish metallic blue. A perfect idea to have a very sensual that will steal all eyes.

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Selena Gomez uses blue nails that DO rejuvenate her hands. Photo: I.G.

Ways to wear blue manicure

Turkish Eye Acrylic Nails

We love the eyes and especially those that keep bad vibes away, so we recommend you try this inspiration with a lot of fun.

Ways to use blue manicure Photo: @lemonbeautylab

Nail art with minimalist design

Another very original way of using the range of blues it is with this looks of hands that plays with the geometry and that highlights the strokes with black. We love!

Nail art with minimalist design. Photo: @evolution.nails

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