Selena Gomez wears tailored pants and Chelsea boots as a top model of the 90s

Selena Gomez is the next guest Saturday night Live, so, this week, we can expect several looks from the actress and singer. Although she likes to experiment on the red carpet, her street style is much more relaxed, without losing that cool touch that characterizes her. And she confirmed it on her most recent walk through New York.

Bad Liar singer Selena Gomez, was seen in the Big Apple after one of the rehearsals for SNL. During her appearance, Gomez wore a knitted top with sailor stripes, to match some tailored pants in black. She accessorized with Chelsea boots and a leather-look trench coat which reminds us that the style of the Matrix has not yet disappeared.

Selena Gomez wore Chelsea boots with tailored pants in New York.Gotham

Cindy Crawford named this particular brand of styling the ‘model off duty’ look when she starred in her issue of Life in Looks. It is a very particular style in which, with very little effort and very basic garments, an exemplary outfit is achieved that can be worn in practically any informal situation. Despite their simplicity, the photographs always speak of someone who knows how to dress and very well.

Selena Gomez did it with some tailored pants that anyone has in their wardrobe, the classic tailored pair that you can combine with countless jackets and jackets, never fails. As Winona Ryder or Cindy Crawford herself would have done in the 90s, she added some chelsea bootsa low or zero heel design characterized by the absence of laces and a completely smooth finish.

Like any 90s top model, the protagonist of Only Murders In The Building It has a warm garment with a leather effect. This piece makes all the difference between a simple look and a great one, because there is something in this material that simply elevates any outfit, no matter if it is worn in its trench coat or blazer version.

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