Selena Gomez’s makeup in brown tones that makes dark eyes look bigger

Are your eyes black? Do you like smokey makeup? Have you always wanted to make your look more intense and deeper with eyeshadow? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or all three), take a look at what we just discovered from Selena Gomez. The dark brown eyed artist has shown us Special makeup to make them look bigger Which has mesmerized us all this time. He did it on Instagram with a ‘story’ that has stolen our hearts. Look!

Selena Gomez


How does Selena do her makeup? The singer has used a brown eye shadow Also create an ‘eyeliner’ to mark the entire socket of your eyes and blend upwards, creating an instant ‘lifting’ effect on your face. An intense and highly pigmented shade with which she has colored her entire mobile eyelid and part of the fixed eyelid and also the lower line of the eyelashes, which perfectly frames her eyes. To enlarge and define her eyes, she also used a brown pencil on the waterline and a black mascara to define and curl her lashes to infinity. Result, fantastic.

By the way, makeup in terracotta tones is very suitable for autumn, where brown colors are the real protagonists of our look. We’re pretty sure Selena used her own makeup company’s eyeshadow, rare beauty, To create this effect makeup. In fact, one of the latest launches from your brand was a palette that had a beautiful combination of earth tones… could this be the one you used? Possibly!

‘Give Yourself Grace’ Eyeshadow Palette

'Give Yourself Grace' Eyeshadow Palette

‘Give Yourself Grace’ Eyeshadow Palette

Credit: Rare Beauty
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