Selena Gomez’s powerful fitness routine that is anything but boring

Although it seemed like a complete mystery that everyone longed to know about, the Selena Gomez fitness routine It has finally been revealed! And it was nothing more than for the very what in Sel, since the businesswoman uploaded to her account TikTok a video with exercises that you practice for an impact figure, but above all, to stay physically and mentally healthy (because yes, he does not only exercise for his image, but also for his mental health).

Do you want to know what his training is like? Keep reading!

Arm extension with dumbbells

The first exercise we see in the video is a gentle hip twist with a dumbbell in hand. What Sel does while standing, is to extend the right arm to the left side, gently flexing the tip of the right foot and changing sides to do the same movement, but with the left arm.

With these exercises and more from her trainer, Sel maintains her impact figure!

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knee to abdomen

As a next step, the singer of ‘Good for You’ flexes her right knee until she reaches her abdomen, at the same time that she pulls both arms towards the core. He returns to the original position, switches knees and continues to alternate the movement. Although we don’t know how many repetitions he does of each exercise, for this type of exercise They are usually done from 8 to 15 times with several series in between.

ceiling leg extension

On a yoga mat, Selena Gomez He gets on six points with his knees on the floor and then lifts his right leg up and switches sides. In the exercise, you can see that someone is helping your fitness routine and it’s likely her trainer Amy Rosoff Davis, who we know has helped shape her body over time.

Squats with push-ups

Another of the exercises Selena Gomez fitness routine is this kind of squat which consists of opening and flexing the arms to the sides, raising them towards the ceiling at the same time as doing a half squat. Not only is this great for the glutes, it’s also one of the arm exercises most powerful of Sel.

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