Selim and Malou slam the door of Tipik: “Within the radio, there was some friction”

Malou Vandercammen, from the duo Selim et Malou on RTBF, reveals behind the scenes of their departure from Tipik which “became harmful” .

“We are Miley Cyrus after Disney, this is only the beginning ! Selim, 34, and Malou, 27, announced a few weeks ago that they were leaving 16-20 by Tipik Radio. Followed by Ivan (read below), from the 12-4 p.m. slot. As for Marco, from the morning show, he would also have expressed the idea of ​​leaving. If the rumor is confirmed, the radio no longer has a back-to-school schedule!

For the moment, the RTBF did not want to answer our calls. On the other hand, Malou (Vandercammen) explained to us the underside of this affair which agitates the fans of the flagship duo. “We want to continue as a duo but our departures are linked to several aspects. First, mental health. This year has been complicated. I fell into depression which resulted from a burn-out and Selim had a burn-out. So we had to protect ourselves. We wondered if we continued in this work environment or pace.

The second reason for the departure of the one who became an influencer (“but my goal is not to become a billboard”): On had a little the impression of having made the rounds of what we were doing on the radio on Tipik. And we just wanted to do something else. In fact, every year we wonder if the place we work in is the best vehicle to become the best version of ourselves. That’s why we did a year together at Pure and then two years at Tipik.”

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