Sensational, rings like those of Saturn are coming to the Earth

Jake Abbott, a researcher at the University of Utah, recently exposed himself with an alarming statement, saying that soon the Earth could find itself with rings like those that surround Saturn, but ours would be formed by space junk that now clogs the space adjacent to the planet.

Abbott launched this provocation by talking about a project he is developing together with a team of researchers that would serve to clean up this debris by placing a magnet on the end of a robotic arm that rotates to generate electrical currents.

a ring of garbage around the planet earth

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NASA estimates that there are at least 23,000 pieces of debris entering low Earth orbit, larger than a baseball, but there are probably 500,000 pieces between 1cm and 10cm and it is possible that there are 170 million pieces of debris still. smaller.

“A tiny piece impact with a spacecraft could create big problems,” NASA said and added, “This is the largest landfill in the world.”

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