Separated at birth? A woman is shocked by her resemblance to Luis Miguel

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Luis Miguel

A woman from Argentina is giving a lot to talk about after publishing a photograph when she was 18 years old. Gi Davidswright impacted social networks with an image of the memory, which shows its undeniable resemblance to the iconic Luis Miguel.

Along with the photo, Gi confessed that her family bothered her by telling her that she was identical to the so-called ‘sun of Mexico’.

“Me at 18. In my family they tell me that I looked like, listen to this, Luis Miguel,” the architect wrote next to the image on her Twitter account. Twitter.

Gi Davidswright/Twitter Luis Miguel/Photo by Angelo Deligio/Mondadori via Getty Images Gi Davidswright Luis Miguel

His followers did not take long to viralize the photograph, creating memes comparing the postcard with an image of the singer around his age.


To many, their physical resemblances were obvious, while others denied any resemblance.

“I swear I saw you in the photo and I thought it was a photo of him, and look, I’m hyper, archi, mega, fan of Luis Miguel!” Wrote a follower.

“Similar and you fall short,” said another netizen.

“I saw the photo and thought it was him as a boy, I opened it because I didn’t remember the long hair… you’re the clone,” commented a third.

Those who did not find any similarity with the singer, opined that the resemblance could simply be the angle and colors of the photo.

“Surely it’s just that photo in which you look a bit like, but I think that what made us all equal in those years was the orange-brown tan,” wrote a girl referring to the peculiar tan that has distinguished the singer.

Another suggested that she pose as the famous and secretive interpreter’s missing mother.

Gi Davidswright/Twitter Luis Miguel/Photo by Angelo Deligio/Mondadori via Getty Images Gi Davidswright Luis Miguel

Gi took all the comments with humor and took advantage of the visibility of her image to make her job known: furniture maker.

While the author was beginning to study architecture, at the age of 18, Luis Miguel decided to cut any professional ties with his father, the late Puerto Rican musician. King Luisito, after discovering a series of scams and false promises. She released one of her most successful albums, which included the single The unconditionalwhich remained at the top of the popularity charts for several consecutive months.

Do you find the resemblance?

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