September 29, 1970, Nicolas Winding Refn is born


“Like all forms of art, film is a medium as powerful as a weapon of mass destruction; the only difference is that war destroys, the film inspires “

Danish like his “predecessors” Lars Von Trier and Bille August, and like his almost peer Thomas Vinterberg (that of Festen, so to speak), but definitely the most extreme of all the directors of the Scandinavian country (at least of those known to the public). His trademark, the sublimation of violence as a vital act par excellence.

Son of art (his father is assistant director, including Lars Von Trier, after all Denmark is a small country), his childhood was divided between his homeland and New York; immediately attracted to the world of film, he attended film schools in both countries (ending up being thrown out by both; in particular, he was expelled from the American one for throwing a table against a colleague!).

He immediately makes himself known for his very violent Pusher (1996), evident what the film is about (he will make a trilogy of it), but it is in 2008 that it becomes an important name, at least at an indie level: with Bronson, story of an escape from prison with a very young man Tom Hardy, and also stands out on the mainstream circuit; in 2009 it is the extreme Valhalla Rising, very bloody and rarefied story of Vikings, to confirm it.

In 2011, the film that made him one of the most respected directors in recent years and won the boutiques: Drive, with Ryan Gosling, is a revenge film almost like an authorial cine-comic, which crosses over Man on fire with A history of violence, imbued with a golden light that pervades the whole photograph.

A little lost in his latest works, almost only aesthetic experiences: S.only God forgives (2013) still with Gosling does not keep expectations, as well as The Neon Demon (2016) raises many perplexities. We await him at his true potential, perhaps in his next screen work Maniac Cop or in his television series with an interesting title: Les Italiens.

Other recurrences

  • 1942, is born Ian Mc Shane, actor of Lovejoy And Death race
  • 2010, dies Tony Curtis, actor of Some like it hot and Operation petticoat

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