sequelae that may appear after a stroke

It is estimated that, 3 months after suffering a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), 27% of patients develop spasticity, a motor disorder of the nervous system that causes muscles to become tense and rigid, affecting posture and Speed ​​is affected and it gets worse. If it is not treated properly.

At 6 months, this sequelae already affects 58% (15% of them) severely. This is why early treatment of spasticity can prevent long-term disability.

First free spasticity detection campaign: The sequel that may emerge after stroke


The Argentine Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (SAMFYR) and the non-profit organization For a Life Free from Stroke will launch the first national campaign for free detection of post-stroke cramps.

Until next August 13, people who identify with the symptoms of this condition can book a free appointment with specialists from different parts of the country through the website or by calling 0800 220 0082 from Monday to Friday. can request. 8 to 12.

There will be effective meditation from 14 to 23 August.

It is estimated that, in Argentina, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) occurs every 9 minutes and is the first cause of permanent disability in adults. The sequelae are varied and each requires a specific treatment, but prompt treatment can avoid long-term disability.

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