Serendipity, Jennifer Aniston turned down the part in the film: here’s why

In the early 2000s, Jennifer Aniston turned down the lead role in Serendipity and the film’s director, Peter Chelsom, recalled why.

Director Peter Chelsom explained why Jennifer Aniston he turned down the starring role in Serendipity, the film he directed in 2001. Eventually, Sara’s character was played by Kate Beckinsale, who starred opposite John Cusack.

It was the year 2001 when Serendipity – When Love is Magic, the Peter Chelson film starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, was released in cinemas. At the time, Jennifer Aniston was one of the biggest stars on the small screen, thanks to her role as Rachel in the historic sitcom Friends. Apparently, this very commitment to the television series and the fact that it didn’t need further work led her to reject the central female role in Chelson’s film. Twenty years after the film’s release, Chelsom himself explained how he and his team met with Aniston to discuss the film’s female role. In the interview with Insider, the director explained why the Friends star turned down the part: “I distinctly remember Jennifer Aniston attending a meeting with us“Chelsom said, adding:”I remember when she arrived, she said, ‘Thanks to Friends, it’s like I’m doing a romantic comedy once a week.’ So, he clearly had other things on his mind and it was his decision not to“. Chelsom explained that Aniston met with him.”in good faith, without an offer yet“, noting that”we would surely have made her an offer if she wanted to“.

Serendipity stars John Cusack as Jonathan Trager, a New Yorker who one night meets and falls in love with a woman named Sara Thomas (Beckinsale). But when the wind blows away the piece of paper on which he wrote down his phone number, it takes it as a bad omen. Sara then decides to write her number on a book, and then sell it to a bookstore, entrusting everything to fate. Years later, as both of their lives have gone on, neither can forget that particular encounter.

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