Series and movies coming to streaming in September: Natalia Oreiro, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Sex Education’ among the highlights

In the vast and always dynamic universe of streaming platforms, The second half of the year brings with it many innovations and some expected returns. During September, in addition to betting on the classics from their catalog, the companies also add some recent films that were successful in cinemas and will now be available in home format.

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Next, a review of some of the products that will be included in their services throughout September, of which the return of the series is the main sex education And the morning showA comedy starring Natalia Oreiro and its latest version the little Mermaidfrom disney

1. Almost Dead, This film after its release in cinemas this year Almost Deadwith Natalia Oreiro as the protagonist and directed by the actor fernan mirasFrom September 1 comes on the HBO Max platform. The feature film also stars Diego Velázquez, Paola Barrientos, Ariel Stultari, Alberto Ajaca and Violeta Urtizberia.,

Almost Dead It’s an adaptation of the Basque comedy bypassWhich was nominated for 15 Goya Awards in Spain.

“Maria and Javi, lifelong inseparable friends, have been estranged for a long time. That is until she gets a call from the other two group mates, Paula and Lucas: Maria only has one month to live, December. Its end date is New Years. Faced with this, Javi decides to return to Buenos Aires, leaving behind his new life in Montevideo, in this final situation reuniting with María and her friends Paula and Lucas. There was always love between them and the other was not even aware of it. But now Javi has a girlfriend, the dazzling Juliet, and his love for Maria is the deepest love in his past. Maria, on the other hand, continues to love him”, the makers explain about the tussle between emotions and the story that the film tells.

Movie Almost Dead Will arrive on HBO Max on September 1.

2 The Morning Show. The much-awaited third season of the series, which It stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as special protagonists.premieres September 13 on Apple TV+.

Reflecting on the world of media, and specifically the work environment, on morning news shows, The series delves into its protagonists’ relationships, ambitions and paradigm shifts in a dizzying industry,

third season of the series the morning show Coming to Apple TV on September 13.

3. the little Mermaid, The film is in real action the little MermaidBased on the Oscar-winning animated musical classic, releasing in theaters in May grossed over $542 million At the worldwide box office, it will open on Disney+ on September 6,” Disney announced for these hours. This is the arrival of a true tank on that platform, which will also provide additional content with music and other options beyond the feature film.

The singer and actress star in this version of the classic Disney animated story halle bailey Like Ariel; jonah hauer king as Prince Eric; david diggs Like Sebastian’s voice; awkwafina like the sound of scuttle; jacob trembley like the sound of a flounder; noma dumzweni like a queen; Art Malick as Sir Grimsby; with Javier Bardem like King Triton; And Melissa McCarthy like ursula

Movie the little Mermaid Coming to Disney+ on September 6. in this link, a column by Tamara Tenenbaum featuring her take on the character. And HereSome notes and curiosities of the film’s soundtrack.

4. sex education. One of the most appreciated Netflix series by the audience will be back in September. it is british production sex education He will return to the platform with its fourth season starting 21st September,

The series, set among high school students, begins in the first season following the story of Otis Milburn, a conflicted and ambitious young man in sexual matters due to the fact that his mother is a sex therapist who “extensive and Claims to be “clear”. in this area. Tangled up will be Otis and Maeve, slightly overconfident but troublesome classmates, With whom the young man sets up a sex counseling business to educate his peers About how to deal with your problems.

fourth season of sex education Coming to Netflix on September 21.

5. Scream 6. ,scream 6 It will premiere on 3rd September on Star+”, the platform announced in a statement. This feature film, which hit theaters this year and is now being released in home format, The story of four survivors of the recent Ghostface murders in the town of Woodsboro is interspersed with scenes of terror and some humor.,

Having moved to New York with the intention of starting from scratch and living with a certain normality in their new destination, they receive the classic call from the Scream saga. This time, Ghostface is back more ruthless and relentless than ever and will leave no stone unturned in his attempt to hunt them down.

The production has finalized its cast courtney cox, Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, jasmine savoy, mason gooding And skeet ulrich,

Movie scream 6 Will air on Star+ on 3rd September.

6. cassandro, The film premiered at the Sundance Festival and featured… Gael Garcia Bernal as a hero.

Based on a true story, the feature film tells the story of Saul Armendriz, a gay amateur wrestler from El Paso who rose to worldwide fame after portraying the “Liberace of Lucha Libre” Cassandro. In the process, he turns not only the traditionally masculine world of wrestling, but his own life as well.

Movie cassandro Will stream on Amazon Prime Video on September 22.

7. wild horses, It recalled the 1995 Argentine feature film, Directed by Marcelo Piñero and starring Héctor Alterio, Leonardo Sbarraglia and Cecilia DopazzoWill land on the Netflix platform from 8 September.

José (Héctor Alterio) is a seasoned anarchist. One day he enters a financial company and shoots: “The dilemma is simple: either they give me back the money they scammed me or I kill myself here and now.” Young businessman Pedro Mendoza (Leonardo Sbarraglia), overwhelmed by the situation, opens all the drawers in the office and gives him all the money he finds., which turned out to be property stolen by the company from its taxpayers. From that moment on, the pair would embark on a sort of escape through Patagonia amidst shots, chases and all kinds of surprises.

Movie wild horses Coming to Netflix on 8 September.



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