Series and Movies premiering on Disney+ in October 2022

Like every month, we review the additions to the catalog of Disney+ Y Star+in this case those corresponding to October. Rosaline, Werewolf by Night, Bear, Candy: Murder in Texas Y Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles among the titles of greater weight.

Welcome once again to our weekly meeting with Disney+ Y Star+ to review the premieres. In this case, October is not a month that comes with many new features, but there are some very interesting ones that we are going to review…

Among the films, it stands out especially Rosalinewhich casts a new and original look at the famous story of Romeo and Juliet with the peculiarity of being seen from the perspective of Rosaline Capuletwho was love interest of Romeo Montague before becoming obsessed with Julieta, cousin of the previous one. It is worth clarifying that the character is not invented, but rather exists in the tragedy of shakespearealthough tangentially and almost invisibly, while here it operates as the main one.

What begins for Rosalina as an attempt to frustrate the nascent relationship between her ex and her cousin ends, however, on a journey of self-discovery and personal liberation as she understands that she does not need a Romeo: a message very much in keeping with the times , of course. The role is played by kaitlyn deverwho had a couple of years ago a nomination for the Golden Globe as best actress in a miniseries for her role in Unbelievable. premiere on October 14th.

But October is, of course, the month of Halloween and Marvel gives us its first special dedicated to such a celebration. Is about Werewolf by Nightwhich has the address of Michael Giacchinoknown especially as a composer of soundtracks, having won an award Oscar by Up and a Emmy by lost.

The nearly hour-long special is based on the comic The werewolf that, created by roy thomas, Gerry Conway Y mike ploogmade his first appearance in the publishing world back in 1972. Jacob Russoffthe lycanthrope who officiates as the antihero and main character of the story, is played by the Mexican Gael Garcia Bernalwhile the Northern Irish Laura Donnelly gives life to elsa bloodstonea young monster hunter who, born in the comics around 2001, was once compared to Buffy.

On the other hand, it pays homage to much of the gothic horror of the classic films of the thirties and forties, so the special uses a very special aesthetic in black and white that could make us refer to WandaVision. However, it is billed as unlike anything Marvel has done before though, according to Kevin Feigwill end up being important for the MCU. premiere on October 7.

As for the series, one of the main novelties is Bearthe surprise series that comes from being a sensation in USA after being released by Hulu. In the key of a dramatic comedy and basically set in the kitchen of a gastronomic establishment, it tells the story of carmya chef who has managed to work in a distinguished New York restaurant but, after the suicide of his brother, has the challenge of getting his decadent steak sandwich shop afloat in Chicagowhich he understands not only as a personal challenge but also as a tribute to his memory.

In this original context, the series operates as a metaphor for life and the conflicts that go through the character inside, as well as for the construction of links to face an adverse world. The first season consists of eight episodes of an average half hour and comes from reaping equal parts audience success and critical praise. From the October 5thavailable in Disney+.

Continuing with the current predilection for stories based on true crimes, comes Candyan eight-episode miniseries inspired by the story of Candy Montgomeryroutine housewife and assiduous assistant of the Methodist church who in the eighties gained notoriety for murdering her neighbor with her ax Betty Gore (her surname almost predestined her) after having had an extramarital relationship with the latter’s husband.

The main role is in charge of none other than Jessica Biel, whom we see in the trailer characterized in an almost unrecognizable way. premiere on October 12 °.

The franchise starwars lately comes prolific in products for fans even if they don’t always satisfy them. In animated and anthology format, comes Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles, consisting of six episodes of independent and self-contained stories that have to do with the time in which the prequels take place in the film saga. Three of them focus on the Count Dooku and the other three in ahsoka tanu. Premiere on October 26.

It is also mentioned for this month, with no confirmed date but most likely around Halloween, scream queensthe series of FOX which, starring emma roberts, will mix slasher, parody and black humor to end up canceled after two seasons. Not long ago the actress mentioned the possibility of reviving her for a third season and now that it is in the hands of Hulu and Disney, perhaps it is time…

And, of course, the new episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk and of Andorboth series of which you can read our analyzes by clicking on their corresponding links.

Without further ado, let’s go to the list…


. Bear (October 5th)

. Candy (October 12 °)

. The Mister (Season 2, October 12)

. Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles (October 26th)

. The Benedict Mysterious Society (October 26th)

. scream queens (no date yet)


. Werewolf by Night (October 7)

. Grimcutty: Relentless Assassin (October 12 °)

. Rosaline (October 14th)


. This is how She-Hulk was made (October 20)

I hope, as always, that you have found something to your liking. Until next time and be happy…

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