Series based on real scandals: 9 brutal stories you must see

Yes, in streaming there are a few series based on real scandals incredible and are more addictive than you think.

The scandals have always aroused our curiosity, we all want to know how big robberies, murders, corruption cases and all those events that destroy careers and futures happen, or that show that no one is exempt from falling for deception and scams, and the Streaming series have become the best way to explore all of that.

And what happens is that the news only tells us a little about all this, the series allow us to live those moments, put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonists, of Anna Delvey to Elizabeth Holmesand find out what they did as if we had been present in the first place.

They are not exactly documentaries, rather they are “dramatizations” where our favorite actors play real and infamous people, whom we sometimes love to hate and awaken our voyeuristic or detective instincts.

8 series based on real scandals that you must see:

The Dropout (Star+)


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amanda seyfried stars in this series about the case of elizabeth holmes, a student who dropped out of Stanford University to create a company that promised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Holmes raised millions of dollars from investors to create Theranosa company that created a device that could perform all kinds of medical tests with a single drop of blood, but that turned out to be the biggest hoax in Silicon Valley.

The Staircase (HBO Max)


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