series Who is Erin Carter? And the movie ‘The Monkey King’ is on top

Who is Erin Carter? The question has become so interesting that the title has been ranked first among the most watched series globally on Netflix in its very first week of release.

This thriller about a British teacher who lives in Barcelona and hides some secrets drove 13.2 million visits between August 21 and 27 Depp v. Herd In second place, the most watched television production last week. lethal drug It is in third place with 5.6 million views in the last week following its premiere on 10 August.

about the miniseries erin carter and the documentary of the controversial and arbitration trial at the first two venues. 3rd place matches locally a perfect storyLatest adaptation of the works of Elisabeth Benavent.

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both in Spain and globally draws attention to the presence of ballersWhich has entered the top 10 with its first two seasons. american football series Dwayne Johnson It was aired on HBO between 2015 and 2019 and has recently reached the Netflix catalog (along with vulnerable) following a deal signed with Warner Bros.

As far as cinema is concerned, animated film monkey king This week has come in first place with 14.4 million views. With 1.2 million more than Who Is Erin Carter, it became the most watched program of the week on Netflix. According to figures published by the platform, the film stars Jimmy O. Yang and Bowen Yang starred reached Number 1 in 93 countries.

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agent stoneThe Gal Gadot film remains at the second spot in the top 10 this week with 13.6 million views. With this figure, it reaches 81.9 million visits in three weeks.

The biggest surprise this week is the entry of the Adam Sandler comedy in third place with 12.3 million views Either way you’re not invited to my bat mitzvah, a youth comedy in which the actor is surrounded by his family and friends. Sandler shares scenes with his wife Jackie Sandler and their daughters Sadie and Sunny, as well as Idina Menzel, with whom he has previously worked. uncut gems,

The comedy ranks sixth in Spain as measured from August 21 to 27. It premiered on 25th Appears in 2nd most viewed todayAugust 30, so its data may improve in the top published next week.


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