Servando and Florentino join the concert to help with Chyno Miranda’s health

In the middle of his tour of Colombia, The brothers Servando and Florentino join the concert #TodosSomosChyno to help with the health of Chyno Miranda, who we learned is very happy with his concert in Miami, which can also be seen via Livestream.

Servando and Florentino will be at the #TodosSomosChyno concert
Servando and Florentino will be at the #TodosSomosChyno concert. Photo: Servando & Florentino

As we have told you, after the doubts of who was behind this charity festival, and where the money would go, We confirm that Jefferson Cárdenas, Richard Acosta and Nangel Menes, three childhood friends of Chyno, and important professionals in the world of entertainment production, were the ones who came up with the idea, why? because they are in permanent communication with the singer, his mother and his cousin and they know everything he needs and doesn’t have.

Part of the artists who will participate in #TodosSomosChyno
Part of the artists who will participate in #TodosSomosChyno. Photo: TodosSomoChyno

The festival, which will be held this coming Wednesday, June 8 at La Scala Miami, it’s almost sold outbut the demand for love for Chyno was so great, the organizers decided to open a new way to help: buy tickets via streaming to see it from anywhere in the world.

Who will participate in the #Todossomoschyno concert?

As we told you at the beginning, will be Servando and Florentinowho are on tour in Colombia, but will take that day to go to Miami and then return; Maffio, Yadmil Marrufo, Daniel Sarcos, Patricia Zavala, Reggi El Auténtico, Marko, and Víctor Muñozamong others.

Chyno is aware of what is happening?

Yes, we spoke with the organizers who confirmed that they are not only aware of everything that is happening with their festival, but also he has taken it as an incentive to continue healing, not to give up and get up every morning with the peace of mind that there are a lot of colleagues and fans willing to give everything for his speedy recovery.

The family supports the benefit concert for Chyno Miranda
The family supports the benefit concert for Chyno Miranda. Photo: Chyno Miranda

How does Chyno find out what’s going on?

Because although he is confined in a rehabilitation center in Caracas, where he is being treated both physically in the motor and neurological part, as well as psychologically, every Wednesday he has communication with a very small group of friendsincluding one of the organizers, Jefferson, with whom they share from childhood to the present.

What do you need to raise the money for?

Although some media spoke that it was to pay a debt in a hospital in Miami, this is not true. All proceeds will go to the necessary treatments to help the singer’s rehabilitation.

Although it was also said that he was hospitalized in a state center, we took on the task of finding out, and were able to confirm that it is in a private, expensive place and all the specialists for its rehabilitation are paid extra.

The concert #TodosomosChyno will also be via livestream
The #TodosomosChyno concert will also be via livestream. Photo: #TodosSomosChyno

How will that money reach Chyno’s hands to pay for the treatments?

The money that It will be deposited directly from the sale of the ticket to the account that Miranda has in a Miami bank, together with her mother, so she will have the money for expenses.

Some tickets are going to be sold, there is a web page that is in charge, in this case Flamingo, of having the resources. When Flamingo goes to write a check to pay, all that money goes directly to Jesús Miranda’s account, to his personal account in the United States, because his mother will have those resources for Chyno’s health… All that money is going to be available to the mother, ”Jefferson explained at the time.

Will Nacho Mendoza be there?

Nope And so Jefferson: “I contacted Nacho, as soon as the idea came up, and we told him: ‘we think it would be great if you were at the event’… He could not confirm me because he told me that he already had a commitment in the Dominican Republic, but I am in constant communication“.

What does Chyno have?

After contracting COVID-19, the singer presented a cpicture of peripheral neuropathy, which affects the nerves that mixed with his normal state of anxiety would have him with motor problems, and speech, among other things.

Because peripheral neuropathy is a consequence of damage to nerves outside the brain and spinal cordknown as peripheral nerves. These types of nerves are responsible for sending sensory information to the central nervous system and from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body.

What are the effects?

can be experienced throbbing pain in legs and arms, extreme sensitivity to touch, pain when doing activities that shouldn’t be painfullack of coordination, weakness, paralysis, fainting and intestinal problems among others.

Therefore, he needs a lot of help from all those who love him to be able to continue with these very expensive treatments, which require, at a minimum, that he remain hospitalized in the center until December. Thus, those who do not have the opportunity to see it live in Miami can do it via streaming and help you along the way.



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