‘Serve and protect’, grand finale of the series and summary of the last chapters (1368 to 1372) in La 1

serve and protect final chapters

‘To serve and protect’, final summary 1368-1372Picasa

this week in serve and protect, the investigation of the robbery at the police station led the agents to an unexpected suspect: Aiko. Meanwhile, Miralles was thinking about what to do about his promotion. The police station was still thinking about it, since leaving what had been his house for so many years was not an easy decision at all and he decided to think it over well.

On the other hand, Hanna and Lydia discussed the wedding. At the same time, Noemí helped her son to evade the police search. Not only were the officers after the boy, but also Lorenzo, who wanted to prevent his nephew from opening her mouth and throwing him headfirst into the authorities. Who would find him first? Finally, the boy, after reading the letter that his father left him before he died, made a transcendental decision about his future that surprised his mother, who supported him in such hard times.

Nearby, Durán tried to approach Carol, who was more concerned about the dangerous plan that Miguel had prepared to save Blessing. The relationship between the director of the Civic Center and El Caimán grew closer as the days went by. In turn, Yolanda was fully involved in the Blessing affair, would this help her to rediscover herself?

Miralles thinks about whether or not to accept the promotion

Miralles continued to think about whether to decide to accept the promotion or not, while Yolanda finally managed to close the duel for the death of Iván. On the other hand, the police found a witness who knew what The Shadow looked like. Thanks to this last-minute information, Durán and Aiko solved the case of the missing sword, shelving the matter, but not their “relationship”.

Also, in the neighborhood, Miguel proposed to Carol that she leave with him. At the same time, Gael was discharged from the hospital, after being shot by Saúl, following the orders of his evil uncle Lorenzo. For his part, Miralles starred in the grand finale of I knowrvir and Protect, giving a lesson to all his companions.

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