Setback for Meghan Markle: she lost two important links with the United Kingdom

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down from their royal duties in March 2020, they had to end many of their ties to the UK. Although they intended to maintain the relationship with the charities to which they had the most affection, the queen ordered the opposite.

And something was right because Meghan hasn’t returned to the UK since moving to the US and Harry only did it twice: for the funeral of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, and for the unveiling of a memorial statue of his mother, Princess Diana.

That is why, now that two years have passed away from real life, the few ties with the country that the Duchess had left are being cut. In fact, it was recently announced that another one of her charity sponsorships was coming to an end.

From a statement,he animal charity Mayhew announced that the collaboration with Meghan had ended. According to the text, Mayhew said it had been “an incredible privilege” to work closely with the former actress.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, Meghan signed off saying: “Although my time as patron of Mayhew has come to an end, my unwavering support has not. I encourage each of you to support in any way you can. The emotional support of a rescue animal is unmatched, as you will soon find out: it is not you who saves them, it is they who save you.”

The end of the patronage with Mayhew comes after Meghan was also forced to give up two royal patronages in February 2021., when she and Harry confirmed after a twelve-month review that they would not return to their roles within the royal family. The two institutions with which they had links were the National Theater and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Meghan’s role as patron of the National Theater is rumored to have been a major source of tension with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. According to a source, when the queen handed Meghan the patronage of the theatre, the news did not sit well with Camilla. “She really wanted it. She was quite upset when she went to Meghan,” another source told The Times.

Nevertheless, Meghan only made one official visit to the National Theater before she and Harry announced their retirement from royal life. and moved to the other side of the Atlantic to start a new life. In this sense, last month it was revealed that Camilla would take over as royal patron.

In other words, with the Mayhew and National Theater sponsorships lost, Meghan is now only linked to one cause in the UK: Smart Works, an organization that helps women get back to work. In fact, Last month, it was revealed that Meghan and Harry’s Archewell foundation had awarded a grant to Smart Works to mark Women’s History Month.

So with a single charity sponsorship in the UK, many royals are wondering if she’ll ever return to Britain, where she and Harry keep a home at Frogmore Cottage where Princess Eugenie now lives with her husband and son. .

In the concrete facts, there does not seem to be an intention to return either. Their 10-month-old daughter Lilibet has never met her family in the UK and their son Archie, who turns three in May, hasn’t been there since autumn 2019.

Also, earlier this year, Harry claimed he is unable to bring Meghan and their two children to the UK due to lack of security after they lost police protection when they stepped back as royals. On the other hand, they also did not return for Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey a few weeks ago.

In February, biographer Tom Bower, who is writing a book about Meghan, said the Duchess has no intention of returning to the UK and “doesn’t mind” being welcome in London.

“At the moment, Meghan’s ultimate fate is unclear, but she certainly has the backing to become an American politician. I think Britain is a lost cause for the Sussexes and I suspect Meghan has no intention of returning,” Bower wrote in The Sun.

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