seven dead, including a child

Ten people poisoned, including seven dead, after eating poisonous and elderly turtle meat on the island of Pemba, Tanzania. The story dates back to last Thursday, the first symptoms on Friday, then the death of the smallest of the group, a child, followed by six other deaths.

The meat of this animal is considered a delicacy in Tanzania and is particularly appreciated by those who live on the islands and coastal areas of the country. Health and government authorities, after the incident, severely banned its consumption throughout the region.

The victims

Three people belonging to the group are still hospitalized. Another quite large group, 38 people, had already been intoxicated by eating this meat.

“Poisoning has a greater impact on children and the elderly, but it can also be fatal for healthy adults,” explains the Turtle Foundation. In Madagascar last March, 19 people, including nine children, died after eating turtle meat. Other cases have also been reported in Indonesia, Micronesia and the Indian islands of the Indian Ocean.

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The poisonous turtles

The exact reason for the presence of the poison in the flesh of these animals is not known. But according to the findings of the Turtle Foundation, the origin of the poison could be related to the poisonous algae that turtles eat.

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