Seven months ago Cormidom employees protested for alleged violations of the security protocol

This Thursday marks four days since two workers of the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom) trapped in the Cerros Maimón mine, Monseñor Nouel province, after a landslide.

However, at the beginning of January, a group of employees of the mining company had already organized a protest against alleged violations of the security protocol with underground workers.

This was revealed by a video from the digital space “Youth Reaction”, in which the protest where one of the protesters, who did not identify himself, requests the dismissal of a superior named Sergio Triviso.

“What you see here are all the workers who are unemployed, specifically from the subway, who make a cry to the president of the company to infinitely evict Mr. Sergio Triviso for so many violations of the security process,” said one of the protesters.

Likewise, he assured that more than a month before organizing a protest a co-worker died in the subway and Cormidom intended to blame the deceased, indicating that he did not respect the security process.

In addition, he stated that superiors told them that they would not accept complaints or reports regarding the matter of insecurity, asserting that those who complained were threatened with being fired.

Likewise, he said that they were “forced” to work in an insecure manner and without communication, adding that their superiors do not follow the procedures of the place.

“That foreigner processes and forces all insecure workers, alone and even in communication, without respect for safety, does not respect geological procedures, does not respect geomechanical processes,” he pointed out.

The incident

Gregory Mendez Torres and Carlos Yepez They were trapped in the early hours of Sunday, July 31, after a collapse at the Cerros de Maimón mine, while they were carrying out work for Cormidom.

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