Seven PowerBoats: the dream of the Cruz Maisonave brothers

The idea of ​​buying molds to make boats seemed a bit far-fetched, but in the heart of Arthur “Alti” Cruz Maisonave was the hope that one day the impossible would become a reality.

Until a stroke of luck put his life project on track when he saw the birth of his company Seven PowerBoats in Aguadilla, where different types of boats from 15 to 45 feet in length are manufactured.

However, the key to success that still stands out is the product of the hard work of this man from Aguadilla, who embarked on the adventure with his brother Alexander and his mother Minerva, who ensure the quality of the product that has aroused the interest of boaters. in and out of the Puerto Rican archipelago.

According to Cruz Maisonave, 44, The boat fever began when he and his brother were little, since their father made yolas and took them fishing.

“When the economy fell 16 years ago, I traveled to the United States and bought boats because the economy was cheap, I brought them and sold them. Then, some Cuban friends of mine that I used to buy boats for gave me the opportunity, they offered me a factory, we bought it between the two (brothers) and we started manufacturing in Florida”, he stated.

The family business employs about 20 people.  Among its commercial offer are the boats "center console"catamarans and racing boats.
The family business employs about 20 people. Among its commercial offerings are “center console” boats, catamarans and racing boats. (XAVIER GARCIA)

“We thought it was glory because that’s where all the boats are sold. But we had to break the factory because the cost was too much, we traveled two weeks there and two here. From there, I brought one of the molds here and we made small boats for friends, fishermen, doing the tests”, he recalled.

Thus, he had a successful restaurant that closed due to the passage of Hurricane Maria. That led them to rescue boats in Cabo Rojo and on the island of Tórtola.

It was during the lockdown pandemic that the Cruz Maisonave brothers began to make small 15-foot boats, which soon became popular.

“What I never thought happened and that is that we started selling boats to the United States. A ‘dealer’ ordered 10 from us. Now we sign up to do 30 a year for another ‘dealer’. That’s where the ‘trailers’ came about because in Puerto Rico nobody did them. So, we buy the machinery, we have the structure,” he recounted.

“Not everyone can have a boat, but everyone who has an old little boat, like in Puerto Rico the streets are in poor condition, the saltpeter deteriorates the drags and then we make aluminum drags, ‘stainless steel’, at the level that they are certified by the United States and you can take it anywhere,” he argued.

We are Aguadilla
We are Aguadilla (The new day)

He stressed that in his factory boats are made “from scratch until they are taken to the water to run”, offering employment to about 20 people.

I have a ‘center console’, sports boats that are catamarans, racing catamarans and that we are going to represent Puerto Rico in the United States and represent things made in Puerto Rico so that people can see the product from here. Everything is made from scratch. It’s not that we paint a boat or repair it, assemble it, paint it and put it in the water”, she stated, mentioning that “casting a boat takes two weeks”.

For his part, his brother Alexander confessed that the experience has been “a little laborious.”

“In the end, it is a great satisfaction because the boats created by the family and employees are floating in Puerto Rico and international seas. Very happy because we are making a quality product with the specifications of the United States. They are quality boats at the best cost because they are buying directly from the manufacturer”, said Alexander.

The boats can be ‘customized’ as they wish; colors, doors, drawers, seats and everything made with Puerto Rican hands. We exhort all young people who want to work, who have the desire to learn, we train right here and make them a job that is rewarding. Those who are passionate about the sea will love it”, he assured.

How much do your boats cost?

Boats range from 15 to 45 feet in length and prices start at $25,000.
Boats range from 15 to 45 feet in length and prices start at $25,000. (XAVIER GARCIA)

From $25,000 and up, cheaper than a ‘jet ski’, but hold five people, you can run at night because the jet ski is until sunset. You can put your cooler and with your drag and everything. In addition, it is entirely financed in Puerto Rico,” explained Arthur.

“Really, our goal is to carry the name of Puerto Rico high in terms of boats, nobody believed that this could be done on the island, everything was brought from Florida. When I take a race boat to the islands, the market is going to open up, because my boats have not reached the islands yet,” he concluded.

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