Severe fibromyalgia for over 500,000 patients – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 25 – In Italy half of patients with fibromyalgia, a rheumatic disease characterized by severe widespread musculoskeletal pain, suffer from it in severe or very severe form. There are over 500 thousand men and women for whom the disease is particularly painful and disabling. For this category of patients it is necessary that the disease is immediately included in the Essential Levels of Assistance (Lea). The appeal comes from the Italian Society of Rheumatology (Sir) on the occasion of its 58th National Congress which opened today in Rimini. The Scientific Society has been engaged for years in a dialogue with the institutions and a register was activated on the disease two years ago. Up to now, data relating to 4,022 people recruited in various 45 specialized centers operating throughout the national territory have been collected. “We wanted to create a fundamental tool for patients, doctors and institutions – says Roberto Gerli, president of Sir -. The register is currently the first in the world for the number of patients involved and allows medical-scientific research to be carried out. We can improve knowledge of history. natural disease, define the time interval between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis, monitor and update the diagnostic-therapeutic-assistance (PDTA) path. Finally, it allows us to quantify the outcomes and the social-economic impact on We have had several meetings with the Ministry of Health and its Office for Lea’s to define, on the basis of the data collected, how best to organize social and health care in our country “. “Fibromyalgia is a central sensitization syndrome characterized by severe widespread musculoskeletal pain – underlines Fausto Salaffi, associate professor of Rheumatology at the Polytechnic University of Marche and national manager of the Fibromyalgia registry -. It is also characterized by a series of symptoms and clinical signs that in some way predispose the patient to a poor quality of life. The most common and frequent are sleep disturbances, headaches and gastrointestinal disorders. In total, it affects over 1 million and 200 thousand men and women in Italy. With a view to the development of precision medicine, it is therefore essential to have precise data on one of the most feared rheumatological diseases “.
Fibromyalgia, continues Gerli, could also be managed by resorting to telemedicine. In this regard, Salaffi underlines, the iARPlus TeleMedicina Web platform was activated involving 44 rheumatology centers throughout the country. . (HANDLE).


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