Sex scene in the Acropolis of Athens, the short film of the scandal shakes Greece: “Shameful”

A sex scene filmed at the Acropolis in Athens is causing a lot of discussion in Greece. The authors of the short film that is circulating online speak of a political gesture to claim LGBT rights since the protagonists are gay, but the authorities are looking for those responsible for what they deem an “illegal” as well as disrespectful action towards the archaeological site most important in the country. The 36-minute short film is titled “Xeparthenon”, a play on words in Greek between the terms Parthenon and ‘deflowering’, in the sense of losing one’s virginity, was shot by anonymous producers on the site which in their opinion symbolized “nationalism. , the cult of antiquity “and the” patriarchy “.

As The Independent explains, the film premiered at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in December, but has now attracted the attention of authorities after appearing online. The scene shows two men, wearing face masks, engaging in sexual acts in the ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens, in full view of tourists and local audiences, the Greek Reporter reported. In a statement following the film’s release, the producers described it as an “act of political activism”, but the culture ministry said it was working to “find the perpetrators of this illegal film shooting as soon as possible.” “The archaeological site of the Acropolis is not suitable for any kind of activism or other activity that may offend and show disrespect for the monument,” the ministry wrote in a statement.

“Some of us are subjected to physical and verbal violence for our choices and expressions of sexuality … we will live our love and our sexuality as we wish and we will defend the existence in public, but also the coexistence, of all the sexualities that violate the self-disposition of our bodies “, reads a statement by the producers of the short who call themselves LGBT + activists.” Nobody can use the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis for so-called activist actions and revolutionary acts, which in reality are both stupid than immoral, “said Spyros Bibilas, president of the Association of Greek Actors.” You can’t do everything you want in the name of activism. In fact, I don’t consider it activism … As a Greek, I’m ashamed “, he concluded the actor.

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