Sexy Paige Spiranac makes cute eyes at Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter owes New York and the city owes him and there is a point where the legendary Yankees player is as famous or more famous than the Statue of Liberty herself.

In the Big Apple, on a corner of the Hudson River, in the New York Times or the Post; everywhere is Jeter, still a media figure even after his abrupt departure from the Miami Marlins.

And Jeter was as great as a player as he was with women and there is the long list of girlfriends throughout his career, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba just to name a few, all the way to his current wife Hannah Davis.

the new story

Due to this precedent, Paige Spiranac’s words a few days ago acquire greater importance, when she praised Jeter as a result of their encounter on a golf course in the Bahamas.

Spiranac is a 29-year-old model, famous for her impact as an influencer on social networks, as well as for her career as a golfer.

The beautiful blonde declared a few days ago on her podcast, Playing a Round, that it was an incredible experience for her to share and get to know Jeter more closely.

The context

The meeting took place within the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational, an event organized by the legend in the Bahamas and used to raise funds for the Turn 2 Foundation, also sponsored by Jeter.

On this occasion, according to reports in media such as the New York Post, more than a million dollars were collected to dedicate them to youth programs against drugs and alcohol, which is the purpose of Turn 2.

the encounter

But going back to Paige Spiranac and Jeter, the model stated that during a golf game played during the celebration she was impressed by Jeter’s kindness and simplicity.

In this regard, he emphasized that while most celebrities are conceited and even narcissistic, Jeter is the opposite; something different, Spiranac pointed out on his podcast.

Paige has been on the covers of magazines such as Sport Illustrated and Golf Digest and since 2018 writes a monthly column in the latter publication.

amazing guy

In her statements, she said that Jeter spent most of her time asking about her career and career prospects, something that shocked her.

In this sense, he added that his expectations with Derek Jeter were far exceeded, describing the personality of the former leader of the New York Yankees as incredible.

For his part, Jeter assured that he was impressed and even nervous, to the point that he couldn’t make any moves in his game against Spiranac.

For now there is nothing concrete that gives indications of some romance or something similar, but anyway the news spreads like wildfire and as the old saying goes, when the river dreams it is because it brings stones.

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