Shakira and Gerard Piqué: this is how they lead their lives after announcing their separation

Everything remains unknown in the lives of Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Nothing is known about the divorce agreement that they are going to reach and if the singer will put land in between and go to live in Miami (USA) as has been commented in the Spanish press these days.

The ex-partner has been seen during all these days leading a normal life and going to the family home to be with the children, but silence is the main protagonist.

This weekend, the cameras captured how a black van accesses the garage of Shakira’s house and minutes later leaves with her parents and the singer inside. Despite the tinted windows, the artist is inside the vehicle accompanying her parents. Seconds later, a staff car quickly pulls up behind the van to avoid being followed by the press.

Likewise, on Friday the 17th the Iberian media were able to testify that Shakira She left home with her children, escorted by the car of her brother Tonino, one of the people who has not left her side for a single moment.

Gerard Piqué takes out his most familiar side

Two weeks after the breakup of Gerard Piqué and Shakira came to light, both continue to lead their lives normally, ignoring the rumors that haunt them: the singer’s move to Miami, the soccer player’s uncertain future at Barcelona, ​​the supposed “special friend” of the player, and so on.

One last scandal came to light by Piqué, since while Shakira is not related to any other man, the Barcelona defender does not stop grabbing headlines. As published by the Swedish influencer Katrin Zytomierska on her Instagram account, the interpreter’s ex-partner attended a party in Stockholm (Sweden) last Friday, accompanied by a new mysterious blonde girl.

After this chaotic weekend and back in Barcelona, Gerard Piqué was seen at the house of Shakira. Very aware of his cell phone, the soccer player picked up the two children he has in common with the singer —Sasha and Milan— in his car to take them to school himself. And it is that despite his bachelor parties, Piqué continues to see the children as many times as possible.

Calm, Gerard Piqué He continues to turn a deaf ear trying to ignore the cameras so as not to have to explain his private life and keep his children out of it. Both he and Shakira They continue to focus on the care of their little ones in full separation.

(With information from Europe Press)


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