Shakira and Karol G create history at the VMAs

The two singers, Shakira and Karol G, were the first Latinas to be nominated under the category of ‘Artist of the Year’ at the MTV Awards.

via the official page of the awards last Monday mtv vmaThe official lists for each category came out, one of which “artist of the Year”Since only women were selected. colombian singer-songwriter shakira And Carroll G.Was considered for this item, which left a lot to talk about, as she is the first Latina to be a part of the casting choices.

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For 40 years the awards have been in charge of rewarding the music videos most important to the followers of artists, so this year it was possible to notice a moment that would mark a point further apart in the event, as this installment would be the most There are two Spanish speakers as representatives of one of the relevant categories and interpreters despite the fact that Taylor Swift leads with 8 nominations. «TQG»They create history with this incident.

shakira and carol

dancer’s reactionshakira)He is thankful to all his fans for the satisfaction he got when he came to know about the news. ,MTV This is good news. Thanks For Making This Possible,artist published in East official, where he placed the exact moment his face appeared in the video VMA.

However, this won’t be the first time celebrities have appeared on the project for this year 2005 was with alejandro sanz on stage, since he performed the song “torture”, What became a musical success over the years with Barranquillaira and Madrilenian influencing millions was the reason that reggaeton was a genre that was just beginning.

shakira and carol

By Carroll G.There have not been any comments or publications yet that express how she felt when she was nominated for the show, however, her last appearance lollapalooza and the next installment of part b Of “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful”will be part of a musical trajectory that is without a doubt slowly progressing.

shakira and carol


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