Shakira and Karol G: The Latin Grammys finally belong to the ladies

Karol G and Shakira, the undisputed queens of these Latin Grammys (Photo: Getty).

As in all fields of art, it requires a lot of time women Reach (or exceed). Recognition His male partner, The Latin Grammys have been no exception. A series spanning over ten years categories is intended only for Reward women talent… Until they disappeared under their own weight so that both sexes could compete under equal conditions.

If we turn only to general categories Shakira was able to break him glass ceilingThank you for winning Album of the Year oral assessment section 1 In 2006, something that won’t happen again until 2021 will evil will Of RosaliaAn artist who will repeat last year, establish himself Motomami And, almost like a mirage in 2020, Natalia Lafourcade.

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In short, very little female representation so far, thank you Me too And this feminist demandskinda Equality The nominations, for the most part, until now, have always been presided over by men.

Last year Rosalia Reached a milestone thanks to its nine nominations and, in this edition, Shakira And Karol ji are the undisputed favorites every sevenAbove other prestigious peers who had monopolized everything till now.

Rosalia said goodbye to ‘Motomami’

In Shakira’s case the merit is no less. Was pioneer When it comes to garnering an identity for yourself now and then His Colombian compatriot, Karol G. It seems like it’s destiny gather your witness, Both of them have also recorded a song together tgq In which they retaliate against the rudeness of their respective former colleagues. a moment of Empowerment Rarely seen in traditionally hetero-patriarchal awards.

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Furthermore, female presence varies greatly in different categories. Natalia Lafourcade follows them with five nominations and Paula Arenas With four. Furthermore, we also find Christina Aguilera, vanessa martin, Maria Becerra, nikki nicole one of two francisca valenzuela In different sections. An extremely eclectic melting pot that seems to be just the beginning of a whole revolution to come.

At present, top winner Male Qualities in Latin GRAMMY History: Rappers and Producers Residentlegendary juan luis guerra, JuanesGroup 13th street and Spanish alejandro sanz, This historical discrimination has been gradually compensated for, but there is still much to be achieved and the focus is on this version in which ultimately woman power Who can win the most statues?

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One of the declarations of intent by Latin Recording Academyhad to make leading ladies of entertainmentthrough a series of honoredThis year’s focus will be on the leaders and figures in the music sector rondines alcala (founder of entertainment agency that works with Ricky Martin or Camilo), Chilean singer-songwriter Mon Laferte, simon torresSound producer and engineer Ana Villacorta Lopez, promoter of Sony Music Mexico. In addition, awards person of the YearIt affects women too, laura pausini,

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