Shakira and Karol G together? The Colombians would be preparing a tremendous collaboration

The dream that the Antioquian artist pursued so much Carol G. would be about to come true. The singer, author of hits like ‘200 Cups’, ‘Provence’ and ‘Bichota’, among others, he would be preparing what would be the most important collaboration of his career, with one of the top artists worldwide: nothing more and nothing less than the Barranquillera Shakira.

Through social networks, information about a job between the two has caused a stir, as it would be a definitive step in the career of the one born in Medellín, who has been in charge of leaving her mark in the industry. Just as she at the time she could afford to sing with the Mexican singer Anahí, whom I followed since I was a teenager.

Apparently, the rumors about what this announcement would be would be brewing after thehe work teams of both singers coincided in Barcelona (Spain). According to what has been known unofficially, they would be preparing a video clip, so they would have been seen in recording studios in ‘Ciudad Condal’.

And all because members of the ‘staff’ of each one have posted photos in very similar locations and sets. There are those who think that the new song by “Shak” would follow the same wave of spite, after his break with the soccer player Gerard Piqué, after 11 years of relationship, and two children: Milan and Sasha.

In July 2022, the 31-year-old artist had said that at the time she was looking for the possibility of doing something together with the hit singer as

‘Monotony’ ‘Eyes like this’ and ‘Waka Waka’, but received no for an answer. It seems that things would have changed, since the rumors about a joint success continue to gain a lot of strength.

“I was not scared to knock on the door, just like one day I touched it to Nicki Minaj and he said yes, I sent him a DM and he said yes, it’s that easy,” revealed Karol G, who looked for a way to establish contact with ‘Shak’, but would not have had the same result. “What was the Worse that could happen to me?, that he told me no, and that happened”, he commented at that time.

If achieved, for Karol G it would be a historical fact, Well, Shakira, in her successful and spectacular musical career, He has only collaborated with four women: Rihanna, from Bahamas; the American Beyoncé, the Brazilian Ivete Sangalo and the late Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa.

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