Shakira and more songs about spite

The 53rd session of Shakira and Bizarrap, an Argentine producer, have broken the internet and music platforms with their new collaboration. The Colombian singer did not save anything and launched very direct hints at her ex-husband, Gerard Piqué and his new partner. In her singles, I congratulate you Y Monotonythe Colombian singer had already revealed how her relationship with the soccer player ended.

Shakira is the new artist who joins the list of hits that talk about spite and love breakups. ANDn Cult we review recent hits that have been born out of spite, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

At the end of July, the Spanish singer released her most recent hit that has kept her among the most listened to artists in the world. DISPOSE, to the rhythm of the mambo, is a happy song that does not recriminate her ex. Rosalía tries to turn the page and have a good time, “today I’m going out with my baby from the Coroná disco. I’m going with the skirt, hoop and chain. Pina colada, I’m not sorry.” But, not everything is pretty, the Motomami repeats more than 1 time during her song “May God free me from returning to your la’o”.

The G’s came together last February in an empowerment anthem after coming out of a toxic relationship. For many fans, the song was Karol G’s response to his former partner Anuel. Since MAMIII begins, the feelings of both interpreters are clear. “What does not work that does not get in the way. You scored an own goal for being clumsy”. In this song, the iconic phrase returns in its chorus: “Don’t call me again, I even threw away my cell phone”, which many hope to shout at Viña 2023.

One of Bad Rabbit’s early hits was a post-breakup revenge anthem. i’m worse it is spite and love disappointment made song. Bad Bunny talks about being better off without her ex and that now it’s worse after the relationship ended. “It is because of women like you that they say that all men are equal”, “Tell your mai’ that I no longer need her. Now I have extra mothers-in-law”.

At the end of 2020, the Spanish singer released one of his biggest hits, You Stopped Loving Me. El Madrileño is about rebuilding after a love break. Unlike many songs that deal with spite, this song talks about suffering and how the performer feels diminished. “You stopped loving me when I needed you, when I needed it the most, you turned your back on me.”

The Catalan, who recently passed through Chile, joined the Puerto Rican, Rauw Alejandro, in a song that leaves no one indifferent from its title. Fox It is the feeling of a person after a betrayal and revenge. During the 3:36 minutes that the song lasts, Bad Gyal and Rauw Alejandro launch phrases about how trust was broken and how little the person questioned is worth. “You wanted me to stop by your house. And I can’t sleep on your pillow anymore.”

Without a doubt, the success of 2019 and 2020. The Colombian singer invited the rapper, Nicki Minaj, in a song that talks about overcoming a relationship. Cob tells the story of what happens when you party while suffering after a love break. “That because a man paid him badly. It is harsh and abuses. She got tired of being good, now she is the one who uses them ”.

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