Shakira and Piqu: They reveal that the couple “only got along in bed”

La break in the relationship Shakira and Pique continues to grab headlines and news. There is much information that indicates that the couple did not maintain good chemistry during their courtship.

After 12 years of relationship, the Colombian singer and the soccer player of the FC Barcelona suffered strong wear and tear on their relationship, as the television collaborator points out carmen lomana in the program It’s already noon of Telecinco.

Lomana stressed that both had been going through for some time and that separation was the most logical path: “It is something that can be seen coming. The two have had many problems and that affects the couple“.

In addition, he stressed that the couple did not have a good coexistence and that they only felt comfortable in one situation. “They say that where Piqu and Shakira get along best is in bed“, expressed the collaborator and businesswoman.

Being married to a footballer is not easy. There are cases of women who are married to very, very important soccer players and they tell you that they believe they are God“, I concluded.

12 years of relationship

The couple made an official statement in which they highlighted that they had ended their courtship since 2010. Reports and rumors follow one another between what was one of the most mediatic couples in recent years.

Gerard Pique supposedly he would have been unfaithful and would have been the trigger that put an end to the relationship. During these weeks, the player will be living in a single apartment.

Shakira and Pique They met during the recording of the song Waka Waka, on the occasion of the World Cup held in South Africa. They both have two children: Miln (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

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