Shakira and Piqué is a joke next to Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey

Image from the series.

Image from the series.

Image from the series.

“You and me, Chelo, and I love you, and I’m very sorry that I didn’t like women because I would have been happier, we had a night of love.” Everyone born after the 90s knows Bárbara Rey for this phrase that she dedicated to Chelo García Cortés in 2011, but the story of the uncover muse begins many years before.

Atresplayer Premium opens this Sunday Christ and King, the fictional series created by Daniel Écija that addresses the common life shared by Bárbara Rey and the tamer Ángel Cristo. In the background, the Spain of 1979 that stumbled out of the Franco dictatorship and that wants, above all, freedom.

Belén Cuesta gets into the skin of a luminous Bárbara Rey who symbolizes that new country eager to open up to the world after years of darkness. On the other hand, there is Jaime Lorente giving life to Ángel Cristo, a character in low hours who needs the star to survive in a new Spain where it seems that people like him have no place.

The pilot also introduces some of the surrounding characters that will accompany the protagonists of the series. A fiction that, as happened with Poisonit is to see with Google open to delve a little more into the surrounding stories that accompany the main plot.

José María Íñigo, Chelo García Cortés, Rocío Dúrcal, José Manuel Parada and even King Juan Carlos himself, Juan for dear friends, are some of the supporting cast that promise to give chicha to a series that in its pilot lays the foundations to be everything a success on the Atresmedia payment platform.

This first episode serves to open your mouth and lets you glimpse what will be the beginning of a stormy relationship that lasted nine years and that gave a lot of play in the media of the time.

The scene that marks the first chapter stars an imposing Belén Cuesta accompanied by a dance group while singing i will fly by Domenico Modugno and where he captures in one fell swoop that overwhelming and magnetic personality of Bárbara Rey that only the divas of before had.

Those who now raise their hands to their heads with the song that Shakira has dedicated to Piqué —and with all the moves that have surrounded the couple— are going to remain ojipláticos when they discover what was the life together of Ángel Cristo and Barbara King.

Money problems, fame, luxury, drugs, infidelity, gambling problems, mistreatment… an explosive cocktail that was televised in prime time, occupying hundreds of pages on paper cocuhé and that now they can be seen from the fiction side, where there is a free bar to play with ambiguity and for the viewer to imagine if what they are seeing happened for real or is a series license. The circus arrives in the city this Sunday and comes with everything.


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