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The life of Shakira and the soccer player Piqué became an open novelin which new details of what the couple’s relationship was like come to light daily, before they began their separation process.

Shakira’s nickname

Shakira and Pique

Shakira and Piqué met in 2010.


Instagram: @3gerardpique

Now what is spread in the Spanish media are details of how Shakira was seen in the environment of the Barcelona footballer.

According to the program ‘It’s already noon’, the artist was never well received by those closest to Piqué.

It is said that his character and his alleged scenes of jealousy greatly influenced. In addition, that she would have lost relationship with the player’s family, especially with his mother: “He no longer maintains such a cordial relationship with her,” said the journalist who follows the case for this Telecinco program in Spain.

The journalist is Lorena Vázquez, who adds that Shakira did not get along with the rest of the couples of Piqué’s teammates at Barça.

For all this, according to the reporter’s revelation, is that in the environment of the Barcelona footballer they began to refer to Shakira as ‘La Patrona’this being the nickname that made a career and that now comes to light.

Piqué’s ‘tricks’

Shakira and Pique

Juanjo Martin. Eph

The Colombian singer and the soccer player announced their separation after 12 years and since then, the causes of this break have been the subject of conversation on social networks.

The Spanish entertainment program Socialité, which is broadcast on the Telecinco channel, revealed this week several of the supposed tricks that the footballer used to hide.

According to the note issued over the weekend, Piqué was looking for a way to go unnoticed, so which he never used any of his cars, but instead traveled by taxi.

In addition, Socialité assured that a bar called La Traviesa was the preferred place for his adventures and that his lover would work there. Piqué would not go alone: ​​next to him would have attended, on several occasions, another Barcelona footballer, Riqui Puig.


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