Shakira and Pique, separated but weekend together

Separated after more than a decade of living together, Shakira and Gerard Pique have however decided to remain close for their children. They proved it this weekend.

These two had become closer at the time of the 2010 World Cup. A love at first sight followed by more than eleven years of living together for Shakira and Gerard Pique, but a brutal end at the beginning of June 2022, with the announcement of their separation. The sentimental pranks of the defender of FC Barcelona will have been right for the star couple who therefore formalized the news through a press release published last Saturday. A missive in which the two exes indicated that they would keep a certain closeness “ for the good and happiness of (their) children“. A fact that was immediately verified.

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As reported by mamarazzi from Journal El Periodico, Shakira and Gerard Pique were both in Hluboka’s side last weekend. And if they spent a few days together in the Czech Republic, it’s becausethey accompanied their son Milan who was playing a baseball tournament there, indicates the Spanish media. To ensure that their children are not too impacted by their separation, it is therefore the task that the two parents have set themselves. Not easy for a Piqué who appears with an air ” beaten down“, while the Colombian singer is doing better in front of the fans who accost her in the street, says the media.

Three months already

Other information given by the mamarazzi, the couple would have actually separated three months before the official announcement. Now everyone lives their own life. Gerard Pique should go to the Maldives. With or without his new conquest of twenty-two years, an air hostess by trade? The answer is unknown.

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