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Gerard Piqué and his separation from the Colombian singer, Shakira, After 12 years of marriage, she continues to make waves in Europe.

The last thing that was known is that several versions assure that Shakira found her husband with another woman, at least that follows from the Mamarazzis.

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It is noted that the Barcelona footballer lived alone for three months, at the bachelor’s house and that he went out partying with several of his friends.

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The Spanish program ‘Socialité’ says that the woman Pique would be dating is known by the initials CM,
that she would be only 22 years old and that she is a waitress in one of the player’s companies.

CM sent a communication to the broadcast of the television program in which he spoke of the problems that the version has caused him.

“I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Piqué, they have related me to him without meaning because of the description of the supposed girl and they have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social networks because I am in final exams. It’s not me and I don’t know him, so please leave me alone, people are blasting me for things I haven’t done, anything that comes out with my name will be met with a lawsuit,” he said.

And I add: “I don’t understand why they’ve gotten me involved, I guess because they need someone to avoid the issue and mislead, although what they have told me is that the real girl is going to come out soon, I hope that is the case and that they leave me alone and I can go back to studying quietly, which is what matters to me”.

Of course, at once the media in Spain began to investigate and, apparently, the woman’s initials would be CC and they dared to say that they had seen each other at the Camp Nou.

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